by Stephen Garner
CP Company

Al Israel, Dennis Sartori, and Rian Gardiner, co-founders of Triluxe Fashion Distributors Inc. and Michael Cavaggioni, president of C2 Apparel, have announced the merger of their two companies. 

The new combined group will become one of Canada’s largest and most comprehensive fashion distributors boasting a portfolio of more than 25 men’s, women’s, footwear, and accessory brands.

The integration of Triluxe and C2 officially took effect on January 18th, with the launch of the fall/winter 2020 sales campaign. While both companies already share similar missions and values, the consolidation will enhance services and best practices to better deliver exponential value to its Canadian clients, suppliers, and employees.

The company, to be known as the “TC2 Group” will merge operations at 72 Wingold Ave. in Toronto on March 1st, 2020 and will manage all aspects of building its current brands, and attracting new vendors, including wholesale sales, marketing, customer engagement, logistics, retail and web support. The merged group will extend sales, avoid duplication, and cut logistic and back end costs, and as such will positively benefit all aspects of the business for the retail community and its supplier partners.

As the new TC2 Group, some of the most notable brands being represented include C.P. Company, Sand Copenhagen, J.Lindeberg, Circolo 1901, Krakatau, Dstrezzed, P.E. Nation, NA-KD, Gramicci, Colorful Standard, Karhu, Just Female, Alternative Apparel, and Woodpecker.

The combined strength of the new larger entity will enable it to strategically serve the broader Canadian retail landscape with a vertically integrated and segmented offering unlike any other in Canada.

Triluxe’s U.S. sales operations, which recently relocated to new showrooms at 681 Fifth Avenue in New York, will be unaffected by this merger and will continue to operate under the leadership of Rian Gardiner.

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  1. Al, Rian and Team Congratulations on the venture, and continued success to all.
    Tony Waldron

    1. Keep up the good work…thanks for your efforts…wishing you the best in the emerging landscape

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