by Stephen Garner

In recognition of current events, and in order to give voice to the voiceless, Trinidad3 Jeans said on Tuesday that it will be postponing its latest collaborative launch of American selvedge denim with Vidalia Mills to a later date. The brand said a new date will be announced soon.

The California-based denim brand also said in a statement on Tuesday that it will be taking a short leave of absence in its posting to the brand’s social media accounts “in order to gang way for those who deserve to have this moment and be counted among the voices for freedom.”

“There are events in life where we find ourselves in a moment that is truly larger than life itself,” said Trinidad Garcia, the brand’s founder. “If ever there was a moment as such surely this is it. It’s time for those of us with a voice to speak up and speak out against racism, and other institutional prejudices that drive us apart. It’s time for those of us with a voice to give those who don’t the ability to be heard. We must take time to pause and live this moment fully. Our legacy as a free people depends on it.”

He added, “We are nothing if not an experiment of the greatest test of democracy and individual freedom the world has known. What then are we if allow this fragile moment to slip through our fingers and relegate the chance to truly liberate each other to fall in failure?”

“Never in my dreams did I think the day would come when I thought my oath taken to serve this nation would mean that I would be standing side-by-side with my brothers and sisters in the street (our streets) so that they can have the same freedom I enjoy. It’s a stabbing pain that we are sixty years on from the civil rights movement and we still cannot seem to find our way,” implored Joe Lafko, the brand’s managing partner. “We can’t go on this way. It’s high time we, as a nation and individuals, took a good, long, hard look in the mirror and admitted to ourselves that we have a problem. The problem is that those of us who could do something had chosen not to. We have a chance to stop it, now, and we should.”

“I believe it fully that we must find it in our hearts to step out and say enough is enough. It will hurt, we may lose some friends, and there may be backlash, but damn it all if we cannot stand on the right side of history,” Joe quipped. “This is the moment where we will take pause, and give our brothers and sisters who need to be heard the time to do so. This is their moment, and they deserve to be able to have their chance to write their day into history. We will continue to stand by their side in support every step of the way.”


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