UNIQLO Alexander Wang
by Stephen Garner

Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo will release its second collection with American designer Alexander Wang. This new spring/summer 2019 collaboration builds on the duo’s first collection of Uniqlo’s signature LifeWear basics.

Men’s items include T-shirts and tank tops that incorporate a new fabric comprising a premium cotton finish and an AIRism interior. The men’s boxer briefs and briefs also employ this fabric to enhance comfort on hot summer days. As in the previous season, the waistband is adorned with a logo that wearers will want to casually show. The men’s pieces retail between $14.90 and $19.90.

“Working with Uniqlo on the second season of the collaboration, it felt like there was a mutual understanding of not only aesthetics but of each other’s work ethic,” said Wang. “It was easier coming together this time around to accomplish a similar goal from various touch-points.

Wang continued: “Innovation has always been at the forefront of our design and creative process, and functionality serves a huge purpose in the way I and our customers dress. Therefore, through the influence of innovation, technology and functionality, the special AIRism collection was born.”

The collection will hit stores and online on Thursday, April 11.