by Stephen Garner

This week, Urban Outfitters (UO) releases an assortment of exclusive products from Chinatown Market + Smiley including Crocs x Chinatown Market x Jibbitz, a six-piece apparel collection, and a tie-dye Smiley basketball.

The retailer’s partnership with Crocs and Chinatown Market first released at ComplexCon Chicago on July 20-21, 2019. The collaboration features Chinatown Market’s iconic Smiley with special oversized Jibbitz charms and multi tie-dye print. The collaboration also included nine oversized Jibbitz charms as additional customization options. Additionally, Chinatown Market + Smiley updated their Smiley Basketball made from rainbow tie-dye composite leather with smiley face design.

Today, the Crocs and Jibbitz charms are available online at urbanoutfitters.com as well as the six-piece exclusive Chinatown Market + Smiley apparel collection that also launched at ComplexCon including the globe tee, tie-dye sweatpants, tie-dye hoodie.

“We teamed up with UO and Crocs to create these special edition tie-dye Crocs with interchangeable Jibbetz,” said Mike Cherman the designer behind Chinatown Market. “Playing off the classic window tie-dye from the ’70s, we wanted to pair the futuristic design of Crocs with the classic tie-dye style popular in the market today.”