by Steve Pruitt

Q: I’m currently buying for spring/summer ’19—what trends should I be looking out for?

Steve Pruitt: The trends coming out of Europe (particularly Italy) have a graphic and playful feel, including graffiti, street styles and color blocking. Of course, more traditional looks such as stripes and nautical themes always seem to circle back around.

The trends I’m most excited about are the futuristic, sleek, sportswear looks, and updated classics like suede running shoes. I think men are looking for something a little fresh for spring/summer, without going too far out of their comfort zone. It’s up to the retailers—and your sales staff specifically—to nudge men into new directions when they can. If you are lucky enough to have fashion-forward customers there are certainly more daring looks to be had for spring, like street art on knits and avant-garde bags.

Remember to hold back some of your open-to-buy for what’s trending in season. It’s hard to nail down the trends a year out, but what you can do is come up with descriptions for your main types of customers (sorted by age, profession, and taste) and buy for each customer type. Good luck!

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