What’s The Best Ad Format For Your Brand’s Story?

by MR Magazine Staff

The average Tinder user spends 90 minutes swiping every day (per Tinder data), and yet while it is fair to say the swipe has gone mainstream only a few of the major platforms plump to use it in a big way. Swiping is a big part of the Stories features of Snapchat and Instagram with WhatsApp and Messenger now following suit, as these products mature and more people become aware of them – the already cluttered space will only become more cluttered and will undoubtedly lead to user frustration or worse apathy. How do you plan to break through? Carousel ads aren’t new but do offer brands a unique opportunity for fighting ‘Stories fatigue’. Facebook and Instagram are leading the charge with Carousel ads and while organic engagement is increasingly scarce on both platforms, Carousel ads (or post type) offer you a way for brands (and individuals) to get more information across. Whether it is a landscape that can be shown in detail or a range of shots from a new product line, you don’t have to put money behind the post (but it will help reach and engagement). Read more at Forbes.