Why This Decade We Finally Started Caring About Fashion And Sustainability

by MR Magazine Staff

We expect fashion to change over the course of a decade. What was once fresh and exciting is often, ten years later, stale and slightly embarrassing (or, if our current obsession with the early 2000s is anything to go by, already classed as solid gold vintage). But throughout the decade we’re about to leave behind, more has shifted than just silhouettes; we’re waving goodbye to the 2010s with a completely overhauled perception of the industry. Sustainability is no longer a fringe issue within fashion but the most defining challenge – and opportunity – of our time. The decade began with a few hints at what was to come. 2010 saw the launch of Livia Firth’s now global Green Carpet Challenge, and in 2011, Lucy Siegle’s seminal book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? was published, offering a startlingly frank insight into an industry that had moved from right underneath our noses in local factories to the lowest, most unregulated bidders overseas. Read more at Another.