Wide World of Pants: JNCO’s Big Comeback

by Karen Alberg Grossman

11427666_814646075279498_132619883344766409_nCan those huge wide-legged pants that dominated young men’s and juniors’ fashion in the mid to late 1990s make a comeback?

If Andrew Jacovou, president and CEO of Litian, the company that manufactured for JNCO in its heyday, has his way, the answer would be a resounding yes. “We took over as JNCO’s global licensee about a year ago and we’re turning it into a complete lifestyle collection rather than just an item business,” he explains. “The response has been surprisingly strong, especially in Middle America with a 25- to 35-year-old demographic. But we’re about to launch a small group online with Macy’s, which could turn into something really big…”

JNCO’s pants now run the gamut from simple slim fits to cropped cargos to zip bottoms to 1990s-inspired wide-legged heritage looks (pant bottoms from 28-60 inches) at suggested retails from $79 to $115. There are also some strong knits (a bold stripe with a pinup girl motif is a sure winner), some “ugly JNCO Christmas sweaters” ($60 to $65 retails in cotton blends), a fabulous zip-back flannel shirt ($70 retail), graphic tees and a cool denim jumpsuit ($120).

Among the JNCO junkies, a group of rave kids, some of whom are DJs, have been buying up vintage styles at ridiculous prices. One guy allegedly paid $600 for a pair of denim jeans he just had to have… (If only I’d saved the closets full of JNCOs that my three kids collected back in the day!)

For more info, contact managing director Steven Sternberg: steven.sternberg@jnco.com.