Will consumer demand rebound for retailers in early spring?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: My holiday sales were lower than expected, and now we are facing weeks of bitter winter weather. Are there any signs that consumer demand will rebound? How should I plan for early spring?

Steve Pruitt: Yes, holiday sales were disappointing, but we are already seeing renewed consumer demand among our clients. It helps that the shutdown is over, and the stock market has recovered.

Harsh winter weather has been affecting sales, but we are still seeing growth areas, such as outerwear, sportswear, and sweaters for men.

Looking ahead you want to keep your early spring deliveries on schedule so you have new products to show. If the last year has taught us anything it’s that the consumer is more resilient than we previously thought, even among external pressures, like severe weather and political turmoil. As long as we stay out of a recession, there’s no reason you can’t keep building a strong business.

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