Wythe New York Is An Emerging Americana Gem

Designer Peter Middleton posits his brand, Wythe New York, as water for menswear shoppers thirsty for clothing with soul — people who recognize quality design, material and messaging when they see it. “You can still find an oxford shirt or a sweatshirt, but a lot of brands miss the boat,” Middleton told Robb Report. “It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel the same.” “How many freakin gray crewneck sweatshirts are out there?” Middleton asked GQ. “Millions. And when you sit down and you’re like, man, what does this garment really mean? Why is a gray crewneck sweatshirt a wardrobe staple? Why has this stayed with us for so long? Why does it resonate with everyone?” He’s keen to asking questions, but his brand answers just as many — for him at least. He sees a menswear scene rife with holes. The holes, he says, are driving people toward vintage, “because there is a soul to these garments. You can see it in the way they’ve been worn, the way they’ve been washed.” Read more at Gear Patrol.