You Can Now Buy Star Wars Hypebeast Sneakers, Fancy Dutch Ovens, And Status Parkas. Here’s Why.

by MR Magazine Staff

If you are a Star Wars super-fan in 2019, you can hypothetically purchase these items to demonstrate your devotion: a $395 Darth Vader dutch oven, a $239 Swarovski crystal figurine of Yoda, or a $599 limited edition Columbia Sportswear parka (inspired by coats worn by the 1979 film crew). Of course, it helps to have disposable income as a fan — especially for a franchise like Star Wars that produces a cycle of new content almost every year or two. The third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, will be released next month to theaters packed with zealous fans. If December feels like a galaxy away, then there’s the new television series The Mandalorian, which you can watch on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. Accompanying these releases is often a barrage of merchandise featuring new and old characters alike. Unlike those aforementioned (pricey) items, most Star Wars-related merchandise doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Read more at Vox.