Are We Finally Witnessing The Rise Of The Men’s Handbag?

The men’s handbag has always been viewed as something of a joke. In season 9, episode 12 of Seinfeld, Jerry briefly sports a “European carry-all,” a small black leather satchel with silver hardware. He carries the bag as a means of more efficiently toting around his girlfriend’s belongings, which she frequently pawns off on him, but he soon grows to appreciate its usefulness in his everyday life. Eventually, the bag is stolen from his person, and in order to gain the attention of a nearby police officer, he’s forced to shout that someone’s stolen his purse. And there it is, the joke — the absurdity of a man carrying a “woman’s” accessory. How funny. Read more at InsideHook.

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  1. Let it become acceptable already, Europe gets it. We carry too much stuff.

    Make it cool looking!

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