by Stephen Garner

Coach has teamed up with More Than A Vote, a new voting rights organization led by LeBron James and a coalition of Black athletes and entertainers aimed at combating voter suppression and misinformation that disproportionately disenfranchises communities of color.

“The foundation of democracy is the right to vote,” said Jide Zeitlin, chairman and chief executive officer of Tapestry, Inc. and interim CEO of the Coach brand. “America cannot resolve systemic racism and inequality without ending voter suppression. We are proud to partner with More Than A Vote and to work toward equal access to the ballot box for every single eligible American.”

Coach is committed to mobilizing the full resources of the brand—from employees and collaborators to our network of stores—to help amplify More Than A Vote’s mission to energize, educate, and protect voters in U.S. cities where voter suppression and misinformation are rampant. The partnership is one step in Coach’s broader commitment to supporting nonprofits working at the forefront of addressing racial inequality, with a focus on protecting voting rights, public safety, and expanding education opportunities for Black and Latinx youth.

“Coach is setting the pace by stepping up to the plate as a founding partner with More Than A Vote in the fight against voter suppression,” added Addisu Demissie, executive director of More Than A Vote. “Our power lies in the strength of our collective voices. We’re incredibly grateful to have Coach’s voice from day one. Their generosity will pay dividends in our efforts to combat systematic attempts to limit access to the ballot box and strip Black citizens and other people of color of their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.”