by Stephen Garner

In a period of rapid growth, Eton has implemented a robotized AutoStore warehouse system for the company’s facilities in Gånghester, Sweden – the town where the shirtmaker was founded over 90 years ago.

The new system, which is now up and running, allows the company to increase its warehouse productivity and delivery speed. Other advantages include improved stock accuracy, better order fulfillment and the ability to increase volumes without expanding the warehouse space.

All the products, that previously were stored on shelves, are now stored inside AutoStore ­– a three-dimensional grid construction consisting of multiple product bins. Whenever an order is to be picked, automated robots retrieve the bins containing the requested products and present them to the warehouse team at their work stations.

Instead of manually pulling around trolleys and pick products from different locations in the warehouse building, the warehouse team can now concentrate on enhancing the customer experience. With less walking distance and higher stock accuracy, the staff can also process a larger quantity of orders and thereby ensure short delivery times for both end consumers and retail clients worldwide.