How working in retail taught me to hate humanity

by MR Magazine Staff

“Excuse me,” I said, “only one person in the fitting room at a time, please.” The teenage girl looked at me defiantly while her boyfriend turned bright red. She replied: “Are you just jealous because I have a boyfriend?” A few hours later, another customer tore a dress from a hanger, demanding to know if we had it in any other sizes. After I told her we didn’t, she dropped it on the floor and turned away to leave without saying another word. I asked her to please hang it back up and she responded, “That’s where I found it.” Later that same day, a guy shouted at me for moving the bag he completely forgot on the shop floor. I tried explaining to him that someone could have stolen it if I hadn’t taken it to lost and found, but he just screamed that he didn’t need to be “lectured by a shop girl”. Read more at Vice.