by John Russel Jones

The Italian Trade Agency has announced its partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, dubbed The Emerging Italian Designers to Know Now,” and running through November 22nd. The partnership, designed to generate awareness and affinity towards and drive sales of quality Italian goods and fashions, has a particular focus on the export of goods produced by small to medium-sized Italian enterprises, including Albert Audenino, Palmiza, and Queen Moda Positano. The program will also offer each enterprise added visibility and opportunity to drive sales across U.S markets.

ABOVE: Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash.

This program will be woven throughout Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide including New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Brickell, and will also translate to custom window displays and in-store visuals. Saks and ITA have collaborated on a custom pop-up space at these select stores that will run from now to November 22nd and feature an assortment of product from emerging and noteworthy Italian Brands. The partnership will also be promoted digitally on, and via email and social media.

Saks will also host a dedicated discussion on its virtual event platform Saks Live with influencer Jenny Tsang. The discussion will focus on Italian trends seen at Milan Fashion Week firsthand, while also tying back to the importance and superior quality of Italian-made goods.

Saks will also host a private cocktail reception at its New York Flagship store to celebrate the program and partnership on Tuesday, November 15th.

This partnership is part of the 2022 promotional program of the Italian Trade Agency to promote Made-In-Italy goods in the U.S. and to continue the strategy adopted in the previous years. In 2021 Italy recorded an export value for fashion and accessories goods to the USA of approximately $12 billion dollars, reflecting an increase of 58% from 2020. The American market is the first non-EU destination market for Italian exports and is, therefore, of strategic importance for the Made in Italy fashion.