by Karen Alberg Grossman

It was a fabulous Quebec fashion event this past weekend at Michael Duru’s store in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

With a goal to generate excitement and enhance the shopping experience, Duru worked with the Quebec trade ministry to showcase fashion from the region. “Fred Derring from DLS was the point person who coordinated the event,” explains Duru. “Our store uses lots of Canadian manufacturers so it was fitting that we were chosen.

“The event was successful, creating much social media buzz and additional foot traffic,” he continues. “Compared to last year, we picked up 21 percent for the weekend. We featured Jack Victor, Coppley, Ballin, Dion neckwear, Balfour and some S.Cohen and Brax (both distributed out of Montreal but not made there). These were promoted at 15 percent off during the weekend; each purchase qualified for a drawing for two Air Canada tickets to Montreal.”

The store also hired a local chef to cook Canadian favorites including waffles and maple syrup skewers, duck meatballs, Canadian bacon-wrapped shrimp, Canadian poutine with gravy, all served with Quebec beer (Unibroue) and gin (Ungava). The event was promoted in social media, email blasts, and ads in newspapers and magazines.

Says Ryan McInturf from the Quebec government office in NYC, “We’re thankful for the partnership and the commitment DLS and Michael Duru have shown for Canadian fashion. Montreal is the third-largest fashion cluster in North America, with world-class brands of unmatched quality and style. Quebec’s trade office is always open to promote our fashion industry and solidify fruitful partnerships.”

Adds Fred Derring from DLS, “We’re a strong believer in pop-up shops and look forward to partnering with the Quebec government in more of our better stores.”


  1. A great article and a wonderful Canadian event highlighting men’s fashions at M Duru. What great foresight by Ryan Mcinturf from the Quebec Government by stepping up to promote Canadian Fashion in the US. On a side note feel honored some of my pictures were used to highlight this event. Lee leonard

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