Paul Betenly
by MR Magazine Staff

MR: Congratulations on your recent move to Paul Betenly.

DS: Thank you. I’m excited to join the Paul Betenly team, especially now as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary. It’s a truly unique company that I’ve admired for years.

MR: What’s unique about it?

DS: No other competitor shares our business model, the vision of Bob Wang and David Abril when they founded PB Aristo ten years ago. The fact that we offer high style, high fashion clothing that is also the best value in the marketplace is no accident. It’s the result of a carefully thought out global strategy that reflects the future of our industry. Modern fit and styling merged with Old World tailoring gives the Paul Betenly customer a look of elegance and sophistication, from the fine worsted wools and meticulous tailoring to hand-sewn armholes, pick stitching, and panelized linings. These premium features illustrate the high quality standards of a Paul Betenly garment.

We solve the biggest problem the retailer has today: “How do I give high quality and great value to the consumer and at the same time increase margin for the store?” The answer is “sheep to shop”.

Paul BetenlyMR: Can you explain what “sheep to shop” is?

DS: We‘re a completely vertical company meaning we have control over every step of the process. From the sheep where we get wool to production and distribution, our product speed to market is unsurpassed.

It begins in Australia where we raise our own sheep on our four ranches. From Australia, the raw wool is shipped to our state-of-the-art production facilities in the Nanshan Industrial campus in China. There, we turn that raw wool into the finest yarn using the most modern computers and highly technical weaving machinery. Fabrics are then tested in our own on-site quality assurance facility.

Garments are produced in our garment factory right across the street from our fabric mill using only the finest equipment. All our production is half canvas, which further adds to the value we create with each garment. And of course, having our own production methods and factories means we’re always at the ready to provide retailers with product.

Paul BetenlyMR: That’s a very impressive process.

DS: It is impressive, but we are more than just our machinery and procedures. We’re a company of people who are passionate about fine quality clothing and the latest trends. The yarns and fabrics we use are specified by our creative team in Milan, Italy. Garment design begins in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Working closely with our factory design team, prototypes are developed, fine-tuned and inspected by Willy and our quality control team in China, before bringing product to market. This ensures the correct balance of fit, feel and fashion appeal.

MR: What does the future look like for Paul Betenly?

DS: It’s an exciting time for our company as we continue to grow into a total lifestyle brand across categories, while maintaining our emphasis on accessible luxury. Our products will evolve with the needs of our retailers and their customers but we’ll also lead the way with directional styling in exciting fabrics. For example, our new and very popular washed wool jacket called “The Weekender” and outerwear jacket called “The Traveler” are already a hit with our customers. This fabric is exclusive to Paul Betenly. These are the first items in our new “Weekender” casual lifestyle collection; we will be stocking them both. The collection will also include knit jackets and five-pocket trousers in tech and stretch fabrics.

MR: I’ve spoken with numerous upscale retailers lately who tell me they’ve been buying Betenly for years because their customers love the fashion, fit and value while the retailers love the margins…

DS: And that just about says it all. Our foundation of “sheep to shop” allows us to be both creative and business savvy, a unique model for success. The model works because of the communication, collaboration and customer service provided by our fabulous team.

We look forward to seeing our current and future retail customers at our booth at Project Vegas: #25274. And let’s toast the future at the official MAGIC party on Tuesday August 14th, 6:00-9:00 pm, Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. Follow us at #sheeptoshop and #paulbetenly.

Paul Betenly