The Hypocrisy Of SoulCycle

by MR Magazine Staff

The four-story shrine to bodily perfection known as Equinox in New York’s Gramercy neighborhood was empty on Friday afternoon. Actually, there were people, but it was not full. Of course, it was a gym on a Friday in a part of the city where people leave town for the Hamptons on Thursday in the summer. But according to Instagram and the news, the gym was quiet because it has become a hotbed of political activism. Last week, many Equinox members, including celebrities, announced on Instagram that they were leaving as an act of protest. Momentum gathered rapidly in the days after The Washington Post reported that Stephen Ross, an owner of Equinox and its sibling luxury-fitness company SoulCycle, would be hosting a $250,000-a-seat fundraising lunch for President Donald Trump. Many saw this as a forced choosing of sides on Trump’s divisive policies and racist rhetoric. Read more at The Atlantic.