This Is Acne Studios, But Not As You Know It

When you think of Acne Studios, the first thing that comes to mind is how it epitomizes Swedish simplicity. For its men’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, founder and creative director Jonny Johansson wanted to explore something new and refreshing, but ultimately making it Acne Studios nonetheless. The result is reflective of the times we live in: smart-causal, loose tailoring, indoor-outdoor, transitional, multifunctional, and much more. It’s a collection for dressing up for yourself or hanging out with others in. Regardless of the occasion, it should feel special. As Johannson says, “This is a wardrobe that brings together the relaxed silhouette of sports casual with the tailored glamour from my dream of life in a band. It is menswear that is functional and minimal, with humor, sexiness, and lightness.” Read more at Hypebeast.