by John Russel Jones

Timex Group has announced the debut of “Time For Me,” a campaign to launch Adidas Originals Timepieces, the first collection designed, manufactured, and distributed by Timex for the sporting goods company.

Utilitarian design for the urban traveler that keeps on time anywhere in the world. The shock-resistant case of this Adidas Originals Digital One GMT watch easily adapts to the lifestyle of the modern explorer, while World Time technology provides the time zone in 85 key cities around the world.

Taking the position that the events of the last few years have left consumers with the sense that time has never felt more valuable, the company created the campaign as a series of snapshots that captures the dynamic, impromptu, and honest lives of the young creative: A collective who champions unique personalities and self-expression to make this their time and to seize the day. Taking cues from this cohort’s outlook, “Time For Me” shows how the watch adds new creative potential and ways to further express style, ultimately becoming an accessory to complement not only an outfit but a lifestyle.

An 80’s retro digital vibe coming straight from Adidas Originals’ rich archive and combined with modern flair. Either with a stainless steel bracelet or a colored resin strap, the Digital Two watch is a fun accessory with serious timekeeping features including time and date display, alarm, and chronograph functions.

“The new collection is where design exploration and watch functionality converge,” said Giorgio Galli, Chief Executive Creative Director of Timex Group. “This collection tells a story of purpose and thought and lends itself to self-expression and self-awareness.”

The perfect match between classic watch design, streetwear attitude, and everyday comfort. This Project Two watch proudly shows off the iconic Adicolor palette.

The new range blends the Timex Group watchmaking and design expertise and Adidas Originals’ street culture inspiration and attention to sustainability. It is available at Adidas-owned stores, www.adidas.com, and through select stores, including Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Retails range from $69 to $189, depending on the materials used.

The first assortment blends the watchmaking and design expertise of Timex with Adidas Originals’ street culture inspiration and attention to sustainability. There are four different styles in multiple colorways for this collection including the Digital Two, Project One, Project Two, and Digital One GMT.