by Karen Alberg Grossman

It was a night to remember at the Samuelsohn party at Gibsons Italia Rooftop on Monday night in Chicago. Retailers from across the country showed up to eat, drink, express their gratitude, and celebrate their commitment to this legendary 100-year-old luxury clothing maker, the one that sews a heart into every garment.

Stephen Granovsky, Samuelsohn CEO for the past 13 years, was ebullient in his praise for his loyal retail clients, 63 of them who have been buying Samuelsohn for more than 25 years! “And our systems go back only to 1987 so I couldn’t pinpoint the first order date for many stores.”

Among the retail testimonials at the celebration, Ian Rosen from Harry Rosen (Samuelsohn’s biggest account) spoke of how his grandfather would research the market by buying suits to tear apart and study the make. Harry fell in love with Samuelsohn and was honored to have them craft Rosen’s private label collection (JP Tilford). “We’re still honored to have Samuelsohn as our partner and proud to share “Made in Canada” with our customers. It’s not just about beautiful product but also how they treat their employees, their factory workers. This is a truly exceptional company.”

Paulette Garafalo, Executive Chairperson at Paul Stuart, noted that while she’s been there for only seven years, the relationship between Paul Stuart and Samuelsohn has been going strong for more than 60 years. “The last four years have been really tough,” she acknowledged. “But Samuelsohn was always there for us: through every challenge and every opportunity. We wouldn’t have survived without their support.”

Many more retailer endorsements followed, all with a focus on exceptional product and strong partnerships. Concluded Granovsky, “Yes, the last few years have been tough: it’s hard to describe the feeling of not making payroll or meeting health benefits for 700 employees. But throughout Covid, we were making masks and gowns for our local hospital, counting on the good graces and optimism of our customers to help us through. We are forever grateful…”

Another highlight of the evening: the announcement of actor Chris Noth as Samuelsohn’s ambassador and ad campaign model. Noted Granovsky, “For our second century in business, we wanted to prioritize giving back. Chris offered to contribute his fee to men’s mental health, a road he’s personally travelled. But that’s not the only reason we wanted Chris for our campaign: no one looks better in a suit than Mr. Big…”

Noth, looking fabulous in his elegant Samuelsohn suit, spoke with humor. “Stephen told me I now have to throw out all my Hugo Boss suits… and I did! Maybe if I’d done that sooner, I’d have had a few more years on the show! But seriously, I’m truly honored to be part of the Samuelsohn family, to be associated with a company that gives back. I think about what my father and his generation had to endure, returning from the war and dealing with severe depression without resources. So here’s to life, to Samuelsohn, and to the next 100 years.”



  1. Congratulations to the Samuelsohn Family and team, Your Company have weathered many stores, we say many Companies leave the Montreal landscape, Progress Brand, Freeman, High park, to name a few, Your commitment to Quality and Service has stand the test. Continued Success.

    1. Congratulations to Samuelsohn. Thank you for letting us be a partner in the last and next century.

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