by Stephen Garner

UGG has unveiled its seventh Collective global campaign for spring/summer 2020, featuring a cast of real creatives.

“The UGG Collective is an ever-changing group that reflects our values and our California lifestyle,” said Andrea O’Donnell, president of fashion lifestyle at Deckers Brands. “This season, the Collective includes a passionate chef, an inspired artist, a digital curator, a fearless skateboarder, and a seasoned choreographer. In telling their stories, we tell ours.”

The backdrop for the spring/summer 2020 Collective campaign was the Eric Lloyd Wright House in Malibu, California. Designed by Eric Lloyd Wright, the property was passed down by his grandfather, world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The estate was never completed but remains an iconic California landmark renowned for its modernist look.

The brand campaign was shot by photographer Frederic Auerbach and produced by 3Star Productions. The cast’s looks came to life with the help of wardrobe stylist Kate Ruth, hairstylist Nichole Servin, and makeup artist Katey Denno.


  1. I really like the new UGG Line and the photos are great and show the Line in a great and exciting light! However, it is a shame that so many young models [both male and female] find it compelling to get multiple tattoos all over their bodies. In essence all the tattoos distract the viewer’s eyes to look at the tattoos and not the fashions! It is a shame young models want to look like a human version of the Sunday Newspaper Funny Papers!!

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